Buy and enhance Items. Reach the highest "+" possible on your weapon and earn tons of gold.

(This is a Fan Game made to simulate the enhancement System of the Game Silkroad Online)


1.Buy a Weapon in the shop.

2. Enhance the "+" of your weapon by using Weapon Elixir (bottom left) and Weapon Powder (botton right). Activate both pimping components and press on the weapon in the slot to try a fuse.

3. If the fuse fails, the "+" goes back to 0. If It's a success it will make your weapon more valueable. Sell it for profit or go on.

4. You can use a higher "+" weapon to generate passive income through passive weapon.

5. Use Lucky Stone (top left) or Astral Stone (top right) to make even higher "+". Be careful they are expensive. (Astral prevents items to go below +5 on fail, Lucky Stone increases chances of success)

6. Buy Upgrades to make pimps easier

Reach +15 and get all the Upgrades :D

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how to save game to continue play another time?